Pediatric Extractions in Vienna, VA

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Pediatric Dentistry: Tooth Extraction

Pediatric dentistry is essential to your child’s oral health. Our pediatric services and experienced pediatric dentist provides dental care and preventive treatment to ensure children have a healthy smile for a lifetime. Your child’s well-being is a top priority for our team.

There are many reasons you may need a tooth extraction. For example, if you are experiencing severe decay, causing extreme pain or swelling, it might be necessary to have the tooth pulled to prevent damage to the teeth around it. Tooth extractions are also required for impacted wisdom teeth if they have grown at an angle or are causing orthodontic issues.

Pediatric dentistry offers dental services, including tooth extractions, because it can impact a child’s oral development and is essential to their oral health. Tooth decay can happen at a young age with a lack of good oral hygiene habits, and sometimes the child’s mouth does not offer enough space for their teeth to erupt correctly.

If your child is experiencing pain or swelling, they may need a tooth extraction. Our oral surgeon at Captial Esthetics in Vienna, VA, is here to help relieve the pain and extract teeth painlessly. Visiting the dental office for oral surgery can be scary, but at Capital Esthetics, we will make it as comfortable and painless as possible. We promise to provide a very positive experience, a fun environment, and excellent service—with the highest quality dental care for our young patients.

Here are some reasons a child may need a dental extraction:

Wisdom Teeth

Wisdom teeth are the third molars that erupt at the very back of your mouth. Many adults have wisdom teeth, but not everyone’s mouth is big enough to accommodate them. Sometimes a wisdom tooth is impacted and can cause other teeth to move or shift, which will affect alignment. Therefore, it is essential to remove wisdom teeth when the adjacent teeth are crowded or impact other healthy teeth.

Impacted Teeth

Impacted teeth may cause adjacent teeth to shift, leading to crowding and other issues. If your child is suffering from impacted permanent teeth, Capital Esthetics can help. Tooth extractions can help prevent problems and promote proper oral health care for your child.

Extra Teeth or a Missing Tooth

Tooth extractions can help your child have a bright, healthy smile. If your child has an extra tooth with the insufficient room, it can be difficult for them to speak correctly. Tooth extractions help make the process of speaking more effortless. Extractions can also provide a good foundation for the future placement of dental implants for missing teeth.

Tooth Decay

If one or more teeth are severely decayed or have an infection, tooth extraction may be necessary to relieve the pain and ensure a child’s future dental health. Tooth extractions can help protect a child’s smile and provide a lifetime of healthy teeth. Dental sealants are also an excellent preventive dentistry service we can provide to protect your child’s teeth.

Preparation for Prosthetics

Tooth extractions may be needed to prepare for partial dentures, multiple implants, or prosthetic teeth. Tooth extractions help improve your appearance and provide a beautiful smile. Extractions are not always severe cases and can be used to improve your oral health, make speaking more manageable, or straighten teeth. Tooth extractions are sometimes necessary to make the process of wearing dentures easier on your gums and jawbone. In addition, our dentists can provide safe anesthesia during procedures to ensure comfort for our patients.

Orthodontic Treatment

Orthodontic treatment is necessary to correct the alignment of teeth. Extractions help make orthodontic treatment more efficient and effective and may be part of your child’s orthodontic treatment plan. They also allow for the movement of teeth more efficiently.

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