General & Family Dentistry in Vienna, VA

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What is general dentistry?

General and family dentistry encompasses several dental treatments aimed at helping you to improve and maintain your oral health. Our comprehensive dental care ranges from simple dental checkups and cleanings for your child to skilled root canals for you. In addition, we’re here to care for your family’s smiles.

We need to monitor your oral health consistently, ensuring that it’s maintained or improving. We encourage patients to visit our dental office at least once every six months for an exam and cleaning. Prevention is critical, and early detection of any problems is essential.

General Dentistry Services

Dental exams and cleanings provide the foundation for proper treatment and early detection of dental problems. Dr. Diane Pham and our team provide general dental services for your entire family.

We can help you maintain the health of your teeth and gums by checking for gum disease, cavities, tartar build-up, and damage to your teeth. A general dentist can also monitor oral health for any signs of cancer.

Our general and family dentistry services focus on preventative dentistry and include:

Dental Exams

We believe that family dentistry starts with a thorough exam, which is why we encourage you to have an examination of your mouth every six months. We will do a checkup of your teeth and gums, perform an oral cancer screening, and assess the condition of your fillings, crowns, or other restorations.

During your general dentistry exam, we will use intraoral cameras to show you precisely what we see, so you will know what needs to be done when it comes to your oral care.

Dental Cleanings

Like a visit with your general physician, cleanings are essential to help prevent dental issues. We recommend patients come in to get their teeth cleaned every six months to ensure healthy teeth and gums. Routine dental cleanings provide optimal oral health and help fight against gum disease and other issues.

First, our dental hygienist will thoroughly clean your teeth to get plaque and tartar from those hard-to-reach spots. After the hygienist completes the cleaning, Dr. Pham will do an exam to check for signs of dental issues and check your current restorations.

Dental Hygiene Education

At Capital Esthetics and Family Dentistry, we want the whole family to learn about general dental care. Our hygienist will provide education about teeth and oral health during your visit. In addition, we hope that by teaching you preventive techniques at home, we will help to ensure your dental health.

Dental X-Rays

Dental x-rays diagnose dental issues, detect oral cancer, and monitor current restorations. X-rays are the best way for Dr. Pham to look below your gum line and check for signs of tooth decay, infections, bone loss, cysts, tumors, or broken fillings. Dental x-rays are quick and painless procedures that Dr. Pham uses to provide a clear image of your current oral health. X-rays may not be done at every visit but are an essential diagnostic tool general dentists need to provide a proper treatment plan.


Gum disease, also called periodontal disease, is caused by bacteria found in plaque. The bacteria infect the gum tissues, and when left untreated, can eventually cause the gums to recede. Periodontal disease can result in bone loss, tooth loss, and gum tissue recession.

If your gums are swollen, red, tender, or bleed easily, you may have periodontal disease. Other common symptoms of gum disease include loose teeth, painful chewing, persistent bad breath, and receding gums. Following an exam at our office, our dentist and team will be able to determine whether you suffer from periodontal disease and will provide a proper treatment plan for you.

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