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What is fluoride?

Fluoride is a mineral that occurs naturally in some foods and drinking water. Fluoride helps prevent tooth decay by making the outer layer of teeth (enamel) harder, so bacteria cannot easily damage them. Minerals are lost from a tooth’s enamel layer when acids attack the enamel. These acids are formed from plaque, bacteria, and sugars in the mouth. Minerals such as fluoride, calcium, and phosphate are redeposited to the enamel layer from the food and water. If too much of the enamel layer is lost, tooth decay can occur without the help of restoring minerals.

Systemic and Topical Fluoride

Fluoride comes in two varieties, systemic and topical. Systemic fluoride is ingested, usually through public water supplies. Fluoride can also be applied topically in foam or toothpaste to prevent tooth decay and cavities.

In what forms is fluoride available?

Fluoride is a naturally present mineral that is commonly found in water. It is also found in particular food such as:

  • Raw fruit
  • Crab
  • Shrimp
  • Potatoes
  • Grapes

Some municipal water supplies add fluoride to their drinking water. If your water does not contain fluoride, your dentist may recommend other fluoride treatments like fluoride toothpaste, mouth rinses, or in-office treatments. When choosing at-home products, always check for the American Dental Association seal of approval. These dental products with the ADA seal have been carefully tested for safety and effectiveness.

You can find information on your communities water fluoridation on the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention website.

How does fluoride protect tooth enamel from tooth decay?

When fluoride meets with the enamel of the teeth, fluoride forms a new mineral on the surface of the tooth called fluoride hydroxyapatite. The fluoride hydroxyapatite helps strengthen the enamel and protects it from damage and dental decay. The fluoride in fluoride hydroxyapatite is the same fluoride that occurs naturally in drinking water, fluoride toothpaste, fluoride supplements, and fluoride treatments.

Fluoride and other minerals like calcium are essential to your oral health and keep your smile healthy.

When is fluoride intake most crucial?

Fluoride intake is crucial for infants and children from six months to sixteen years. This is the time when primary and permanent teeth erupt. Adults benefit from fluoride intake to prevent decay and keep teeth healthy. In addition, patients with certain conditions may be more at risk of dental decay and would benefit from fluoride treatment. This includes patients with:

  • dry mouth conditions
  • gum disease
  • history of frequent cavities
  • restorations such as crowns and bridges, or braces

Pediatric Fluoride Treatment at Capital Esthetics

Our dentist often recommends professional fluoride treatment during regular checkups at our dental office. Our professional treatments are available in the form of gel, varnish, foam, and mouth rinses. In addition, we may suggest further supplementation if your teeth are prone to decay or not receiving a sufficient amount of fluoride in your diet. Fluoride treatment is just one of the ways our dentist helps keep your teeth and smile healthy.

Fluoride treatments can be done during dental cleanings by our dental hygienist. Then, depending on your oral health needs, we will help you choose the best form of treatment for you.

Risks Associated with Fluoride Use

Though fluoride effectively prevents cavities and decay, it is essential to monitor the fluoride a child consumes. If too much fluoride is ingested while the teeth are developing, a condition called enamel fluorosis may occur.

It is very difficult to reach this hazardous level; however, if you have concerns or questions about the amount of fluoride you or your child may be ingesting, talk with our dentist.

A few helpful reminders about fluoride:

  • Keep store-bought supplements away from young children.
  • Avoid flavored toothpaste because these tend to encourage it to be swallowed.
  • Use only a pea-sized amount of fluoridated toothpaste.

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